Murder on the Wedding Night (1977)

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Murder on the Wedding Night
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Watch Streaming Murder on the Wedding Night (1977) : Movie Without Downloading At the wedding feast of Shen Hsiu Chang (Chung Wa), a guest named Tu Fu Liang (Lau Luk Wa) suddenly announces that he had an affair with the bride, Yun Ching . The bridegroom is furious and turns on her. She disappears sadly. The next morning, her headless body is found in a lonely spot. A couple of days later, a hunter named Wu Hsiung finds a badly decomposed human head and returns it to the widower. He is rewarded with 1000 pieces of silver as the bereaved family thinks it is the head of the dead bride.

Release Date:Jan 01, 1977
Production Company:Shaw Brothers
Production Countries:Hong Kong
Casts:Chung Wa, Siu Yam-Yam, Lau Luk-Wah, Terry Lau Wai-Yue, Tin Ching, Wang Hsieh, Tong Mei-Giu, Wong Ching-Ho, Wang Han-Chen, Lui Hung, Tsang Choh-Lam
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